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Ein Screendance, kreiert vom Choreografen, Tänzer Chun Zhang und Kai Strathmann, mit Videograf Maurits Boettger. WIRBELLEITER | BETWEEN ist eine Tanzproduktion von YIBU DANCE. Gefördert vom Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
Referat Presse und Kommunikation, Kulturbüro, Krefeld. 


Es zeigt nicht nur die zwingende Interaktion menschlicher Körper, sondern auch die unauflösliche Verbindung zwischen Körper und Raumzeit und letztendlich zwischen Tanz und Betrachter, indem es die Prinzipien der chinesischen Kampfkunst – Wing Chun und die Geometrie von DNA-Basenpaaren – mit künstlerischen verwebt Präzision. Der Film fängt die Details dieser Bühnenperformance mit Geschmack und Spannung ein und zeigt seinen eigenen Charakter und seine eigene Aussage auf klare und minimalistische Weise.

Offizielle Auswahl: Thessaloniki Cinedance International 2021, GR

Cinedanza-Festival 2021, IT

MOVING BODY Festival 2021, BG

Rogue Dancer 2021, USA

Multiplié Tanzfilm 01. 2022, NR

Flatlands Dance Film Festival, 01.2022 USA

Constructed Sight Film Festival, 03.2022, USA

Tanztausch Online Plattform 2022, 08.2022, DE

Jury review

clear themes/usage of body and "space-time." Liveliness in a single moment. Beautiful and engaging presentation, interesting movement form and rhythmic patterns. Compelling use of camera, bodies, and space. Sound score contributed to the unique experience, High quality cinematography. The close framing sparks curiosity while providing an intimate perspective of the performer's body and movement pattern. Captures presence through balance of stillness and movement, costumes added a sense of life and party to the minimalistic presentation. Costumes made me think of the body as a disco ball. I appreciated the natural silhouette and seeing skin to add humanity to robotic movement. Costume, lighting, and set marry well.


Absolutely a brilliant concept and wonderfully put together. High quality filming, unique shots, high production value, highly professional dancing and clarity in movement. I was completely intrigued and focused on the lack of audible rhythm and the sounds my mind was creating while watching the movement. I was counting along with the dancers and hearing a pulse of my own. I appreciated the gender neutral approach where I couldn't really differentiate between the bodies. This leaves me wondering about what I'm missing in the shot, (which I liked). The wider shots I appreciated towards the end because of the intensity of the closeups for such a lengthy period of the piece. My only critique would be to incorporate the wide shots for a bit longer perhaps. It was very satisfying to see the fuller scope of the bodies with the lighting and I might have walked away with the feeling of a fuller perspective.


Very striking shots. Super creative on excluding sound but keeping rhythmic movement in bodies. I liked only showing sections of the body a lot throughout. Film and editing really enhanced viewing


The specificity of the choreography gives this work striking originality. Filming and editing elements do a good job of helping to create a unique tone and focus. Consider length and variety as they relate to developing the ideas and engaging the viewer.

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